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A Visit to RFA Fort George

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2011

On Saturday March 12, 2011 the Merseyside Branch of the World Ship Society visited RFA FORT GEORGE.

The Fort Class Replenishment Ship had arrived at Canada #3 Branch Dock on February 23, 2011 for decommissioning. The ship is currently being stripped of her stores, fixtures and fittings. Some of her crew remain on board supervising the work which is being aided by contractors from Cammell Laird. It is understood that a decision on the fate of the ship will be made on March 18 when tenders for sale for further use or scrapping have to be received by the Ministry of Defence. As Canada Graving Dock has been used to recycle several former MoD vessels it is possible that the Swan Hunter built vessel which entered service in 1993 will end her days on Merseyside.

Once her crew leave, and the ship is fully stripped of stores etc she will be looked after by Cammell Laird until disposed of.

RFA FORT GEORGE seen at Canada #3 Branch Dock

Photographs above and left - show the bridge of RFA FORT GEORGE.
Port bridge wing the mounting for the now removed 30mm gun can be seen.Replenishment at Sea control room Fore mast the RFA flag still flies 
The Operations Room has been partially stripped. It looks like the last battle is being fought by toy soldiers on a filing cabinet.

The officer's dining room is still in use by the crew remaining on board as is the officer's lounge and bar. [left and below]

Pleasant views of the Mersey Scrap Mountain from the officer's lounge [left]

The gantries used for replenishment at sea have already had their flexible pipe work removed.

The "Clearway" runs through the heart of the ship providing access to the various lifts which descend into the ship's holds. Items for replenishment were assembled in this area before transfer to warships. As the ship is being stripped boxes and pallets are lined up - even the "pusser's knives" are being collected!

On the right can be seen the ship's incinerator room used for waste disposal

The engine control room [left]. It is unlikely the main engines will ever be started again unless the ship is sold for further service

The ship's hangar [right] is now being used as a storage point for items being transported back to Devonport including lubricants, the ships' bikes, fire fighting equipment and gym equipment.

The Flight Deck [lift to cargo deck right] The ship could operate up to 5 Seaking or 3 Merlin helicopters

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