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Finished With Engines: Irish Sea Shipping is now closed to new updates - J.H. Luxton Photography - Transport, Industrial History, Regional Photographs UK & beyond

Irish Sea Shipping Information and Legal Notice


Irish Sea Shipping is one of the longest established nautical web sites dating back to 1995.

The map opposite shows the area of coverage - however material was drawn from outside this area when appropriate.



The final update to Irish Sea Shipping was posted on August 10, 2014. The web site was taken off line on July 31, 2015.


After being offline for almost 3 years the site was reinstated as an archive in March 2018 and will remain online for the foreseeable future. Though no longer updated the web master continues to post shipping and other photographs to the J.H. Luxton Photography web site at


Enthusiasts, Maritime Professionals and those with just a passing interest in the sea and ships will enjoy browsing this archive which documents events between 1995 and 2014.


Please note that as updates have ceased contributions are no longer needed. May I take this opportunity to thank sincerely all those who have sent photographs and information over the years, your help was essential and greatly valued. Many, many thanks.

User feedback is most welcome- email: .

Finally it is requested that all new visitors to the site read legal notice below.

John H. Luxton, March 03, 2018

Ardrossan - Claonaig - Campbeltown - Derry

[northern boundary]

Dartmouth - Scilly - Shannon [southern boundary]

Legal Notice


Material contained within Irish Sea Shipping is produced in good faith, though no responsibility whatsoever is accepted for the accuracy or legality of the material contained herein and responsibility cannot be accepted for any loss or legal proceedings arising from its usage.

Editors of other publications are  recommended to make their own enquiries before relying on information reproduced on this site.

Due to the specialist nature of Irish Sea Shipping it will be assumed  that readers will understand the difference between speculation and fact and if re-publishing information contained within will treat it accordingly. Discretion of readers is expected.

Opinions expressed are those of myself, John H. Luxton, or if indicated, those of contributor and are not necessarily accurate of fact.

If you find any item on this site which is not accurate of fact, please e-mail immediately or make contact via the mobile phone number - the report will then be corrected or removed depending on the circumstances.


As Irish Sea Shipping is no longer being updated it is regretted that contributions for the web site can no longer be accepted.


Irish Sea Shipping was previously known as:

  • Mersey Shipping News

  • Mersey Shipping

  • Mersey and Irish Sea Shipping

  • Prior to its existence as a web site in 1995 Mersey Shipping News circulated as a regular news file on the UK Forum of CompuServe commencing in autumn 1994.


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The Irish Sea Shipping web site is    J.H. Luxton 1995-2015. Content is copyright of the contributors or J.H. Luxton.

The Titles,, Irish Sea Shipping, Mersey and Irish Sea Shipping,  Irish Sea Shipping, Mersey Shipping and Mersey Shipping News are copyright J.H. Luxton 1995-2015.

The material contained within the Irish Sea Shipping site which is the Copyright of J.H. Luxton may be used in whole or in part by other non commercial publications (society magazines, newsletters etc), printed, electronic or otherwise on the condition that permission to reproduce material is obtained in advance.

For commercial use of original material a fee will be payable - please enquire for details. High resolution copies of images can usually be supplied in such circumstances.

In the case of material which has been submitted by contributors third parties must contact the contributor for the necessary permissions before using such material. These contributors may be contacted via the web master at

The webmaster will not give permission for third party articles or photographs to be reproduced elsewhere and will always direct any enquiries concerning such articles to the contributor concerned.

John H. Luxton - January 01, 2015


E-mail is usually answered promptly, though at busy times there might be some delay. If you have not received a reply within 72 hours, please forward your message again.

If you are going to send an attachment [photograph / document / program etc] via e-mail please send a separate covering message confirming that an attachment has been sent and you can confirm is virus free or that it is a document you have personally prepared.

To avoid being the source of a virus I undertake not to send any e-mail attachments without forwarding additional information. Any attachment sent will either be a document personally prepared by myself, or a file that I have checked for viruses and have no reason to suspect will be damaging.

If these procedures fail and I pass a virus to your computer I cannot accept liability for any damage done, in such circumstances I will, however, endeavour to do my best to help you remedy any problem that arises. Ultimately I would advise you to delete without reading any message you fear may be damaging to your system.

All emails sent and received are scanned by the latest version of McAfee Security Centre for mutual protection.

Irish Sea Shipping Contact Information


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